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Sarah Palin and Fox News: a match made in heaven

Sarah Palin’s new role as a Fox News contributor is the perfect platform for the celebrity politician.

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Today’s announcement that Sarah Palin will become a contributor to Fox News Channel is the next step in the logical progression of her career.

The success of her recently released autobiography as well as the media’s breathless reporting on her statements and Facebook musings have made her one of the nation’s top news voices and a force to be reckoned with.

While Ms. Palin will probably never be president, it’s clear that many of her critics have underestimated her ability to tap into the grievances and discontent of large social and geographic blocs in the country.

Palin’s appeal no longer straddles simple political lines, but broader cultural ones: This is because she is no longer a politician but a pop culture icon and a celebrity. She has transcended politics, opening new career doors.

Let’s examine the Fox News deal from Palin’s perspective. Palin is a true, Hollywood-type celebrity with a bestselling book and millions of adoring fans. She may have designs on the presidency, but she evidently wants to soak up the perks and adulation of her celebrity first, and she has done that with gusto.

Palin’s resignation as governor of Alaska last summer was abrupt and unusual, but seen through the lens of celebrity, it is understandable. The isolated confines of Juneau were too small for Palin when she returned following the presidential election. She could not go home again.


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