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Why has Hollywood forsaken conservatives?

Hollywood’s liberal bias is offensive – and bad business. It’s time conservatives changed this.

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I don’t know what my butcher’s political beliefs are, and I don’t want to know. I pay him for his services and we are both happy. I want the same arrangement with my entertainers.

If my butcher constantly mocked my values, I’d soon take my business elsewhere.

Yet Hollywood regularly mocks conservative values. Me – and a lot of other conservatives in America – are ready to take our business elsewhere.

The entertainment industry’s depictions of various characters and values add up to one message: Conservatives are bad for our country. What does that teach our children about respecting the right to hold dissenting opinions?

When I watch TV, I often cringe at the thought of how many people don’t know they’re being sold a philosophy under the guise of entertainment. Some of it is subtle, such as the passing comment on “Lie to Me” about torture at Guantanámo. Some is blatant, like the pro-liberal values on “Boston Legal,” or when “Saturday Night Live” or another comedy show makes below-the-belt fun of a conservative one time too many.

Look at the way business is portrayed: Hollywood would have us believe that all big businesses are run by heartless men who would kill us with their dangerous products and pollution if they had a chance, all for the sake of earning money.


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