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We're winning the fight against doping in sports

Despite sensational scandals, antidoping efforts – and a shift in values – are restoring integrity.

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From Olympic gold medalists to Tour de France champions, a depressing number of star athletes have been caught up in doping scandals in recent years.

Given all the sensational headlines about confessions, investigations, and indictments, sports fans may think the doping problem is getting worse.

Some even think the fight against it is hopeless – or that we shouldn't bother. But it is important to keep fighting doping in sports. And the good news is that we're making remarkable progress in the effort to keep competition clean.

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The use of performance-enhancing substances or methods is prohibited because it is unfair, potentially dangerous to health, and violates the spirit of sport. The issue matters to society because whatever our values are, we should live by them in every facet of our lives.

If we genuinely and deeply value respect – for rules, laws, others, and ourselves – we must respect the rules when we play sports. We must have enough respect for others to protect fairness in every form of commerce with them. We must respect ourselves enough not to cheat and not to tinker with healthy bodies and minds in misguided, artificial ways, because it would be cheating ourselves out of our own true life.

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