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President Obama: Call your own Nobel summit, and send China a message

Jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiabao will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this Friday in absentia. As a Nobel laureate himself, President Obama must take a clear stand on China's human rights abuses. On Friday, he should host a 'freedom summit' with other Nobel laureates.

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While blamed for her party’s defeat in November’s elections, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is showing President Obama the way to regain his footing in the international arena.

Defying Beijing by announcing she will attend this week’s Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiabao, she can help the president fulfill the promise the Nobel Committee saw in awarding him the prize last year. (At least eighteen countries will kowtow to China in planning to join its boycott of the Nobel ceremony.)

No, the president need not go to Oslo himself. While that would rank in symbolism with the Berlin speeches of John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, it would be too much in Beijing’s face under present circumstances, and not in the Obama style.

Liu Xiaobo awarded Nobel Peace Prize. Take the Nobel Peace prize quiz


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