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What 20-something women want. (And why you should care.)

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Our study used global focus groups, literature review, and a survey of 1,000 Millennial women ages 21 to 29 across the US, Britain, Japan, Brazil, and France.

What we found

We found two major themes that seem diametrically opposed to the current political environment of partisanship and anger. We found that Millennial women desire independence and self-direction above all else, and that they seek a variety of perspectives to help them make personal and professional decisions. They are concerned about the current economy, but they are not paralyzed by it.

When you look beyond the stereotypes about Gen Y/Millennials and consider overall trends, as we did in our study, you’ll start to see a picture of a generation that includes women who are significantly different from previous generations in their priorities and their goals. They are living life on their own terms, and we can learn a lot from how they are navigating our 21st century world.

Miss Independent wants to 'have it all'

For instance, our research found that 96 percent of Millennial women worldwide list being independent as their most important life goal. This ranked above marriage, motherhood, home ownership and other, more traditional pursuits as essential to one’s feeling successful. Eighty-seven percent of women surveyed define success as being able to “shape my own future.” This is a generation of women who understand that there is no one-size-fits-all life plan. Everyone is charting her own journey.

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