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To keep youth vote, Democrats should repeal Obamacare

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It may be worth it just to pay the fine.

Obama is wrong

President Obama counters that this law is good for young people for two reasons: They can now piggyback off their parents’ plan until age 26, and preventative care will cost them less in the long run.

In the president’s presumed attempt to buy the youth vote for another four years, his first argument assumes two things: that parents will add their children, and that these parents are wealthy enough to afford insurance.

It’s not the government’s place to be parents to the parents. With nearly 10 percent of the workforce unemployed, many parents cannot afford this added burden. But even if this were not the case, and everyone had wealthy parents, this paternalistic approach to governance puts families in an awkward position.

The president’s second argument falls flat because insurance doesn’t require people to get preventive care. It may be subsidized, but individuals will still have to pay for check-ups.

Instead of expecting young adults to beg for help from our former guardians, here’s a better solution: Make catastrophic insurance premiums cheaper. Instead of demanding that we buy a product, how about just making the product more affordable?

If I can find a job this June after graduation, I would like to purchase catastrophic insurance – but even this minimal coverage isn’t cheap now. Mandating the purchase of health insurance treats the effect (young people not buying policies) and neglects the cause (high costs).

Alternative solutions to healthcare

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