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Mubarak may soon step down, but Egypt's protesters need a leader and plan -- quickly

Demanding that Mubarak leave isn't enough. Egyptian protesters must now find a leader and solidify a plan for transition. A vision for what is to come is just as important as getting the regime out of power.

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Egypt is the cusp of transformational change. Protesters have finally succeeded in making their voices heard after ripping off the rag that was held to their face, suffocating and stifling their expression. They have raised their voices despite the tear gas that has made them hoarse, despite the Internet and mobile network blackout that cut off their communications, and despite being conditioned into complacency and stagnation for over 30 years.

The Mubarak regime yet to take its fingers out of its ears and answer the people’s call for change. President Hosni Mubarak refused to stand down yet again in his latest address to the people. Initial cosmetic changes (Mr. Mubarak dismissed his cabinet and promised not to run for re-election) only stoked, not slaked, Egyptians’ desire for fundamental change.

Democracy and political reform are finally within reach of the Egyptian people, but there are many developments that need to take place before Egypt is finally rid of his regime and onto a viable path to democracy. Now more than ever, Egyptians must start thinking ahead.


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