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Iran's brutality toward women should shock West into seeking regime change

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The ruling clerics called themselves God’s representatives on earth, and anyone opposing them was deemed a mohareb, an enemy of God. The Quran authorizes torture and death for enemies of God.

The Islamic regime has taken this authority to its most heinous extreme.

Thousands of innocent young girls have been brought to prison for the most specious of reasons. They’re thrown into small cells, designed for just a few, along with sometimes 30 of their fellow victims. As a CIA spy in Iran, I was a witness to this.

Every few days, guards call out names over a loudspeaker. These women know what it means to have their names called, and they hold hands, praying that this will not be the day they are dragged out of their cell and executed. Those whose names are not called for execution are lined up and lashed. Many of them faint from the lashing, never knowing what the guards do with their unconscious bodies.

If they are called, they are raped before execution so they are no longer virgins and therefore, according to hardline Islamic beliefs, can no longer go to heaven. None of these girls would ever know the joys of romantic love. None of them would ever hold her own baby in her arms. Their final days have been filled with a level of abuse few can imagine.

Women who abide completely by the rules of the clerics are not immune to their cruelty. Many women – sometimes as young as 15 – have been stoned to death on bogus charges of adultery. The Islamic leaders of Iran proudly state that this horrific and inhumane punishment is part of their constitution and consistent with the implementation of the holy sharia laws of Islam.

The West must decide

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