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Republicans want to create second-class citizens. You're not DREAMing.

Republicans haven't abandoned extreme positions on immigration. They've just transferred controversial proposals to the state level.

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As the immigration debate continues, Americans need to ask themselves: How do we feel about creating a permanent group of millions of second-class citizens in this country? Because, listening to Republican immigration proposals these days, it seems that this is precisely what the some key members of the GOP want to do.

Think I’m exaggerating? Keep reading.

Since taking over the House of Representatives in January, Republicans in Congress have tried to hide the nasty underbelly of many of their immigration positions by shifting the battle away from the Capitol. They haven't abandoned extreme positions – they have merely transferred their most controversial proposals from the national to the state and local levels. If even the Republicans once touted as “moderates” cannot pull their party back from the precipice, the country will face the prospect of proposed immigration legislation that would officially shut the door on a mostly Latino under-class.

How new proposal creates second-class citizens


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