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What's the secret to Canada's miracle economy?

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As our economy has long depended on natural resources, we have not been as squeamish about extracting and exploiting them as have our neighbors. Americans may imagine Canadians romping and canoeing our way across a pristine landscape, but we have not let the equivalent of an Environmental Protection Agency prevent us from making as much as we possibly can from the fact that we have far more oil than we need. Whether it‘s drilling off the coast of Newfoundland or exploiting the politically incorrect oil sands of Alberta, we are willing to go there. (The province of Alberta ranks second, after Saudi Arabia, in global crude oil reserves.) Canada supplies more oil to the United States than anybody else in the world. Americans can forget all that nonsense about supporting hostile regimes every time you rev up your engine. You aren’t supporting terrorists. You are supporting Justin Bieber. So it’s much, much worse.

Learned from our mistakes

Canadians have learned from our mistakes. We’ve been where you are. Once upon a time we elected (and elected, and elected, and elected) a prime minister named Pierre Trudeau. He was terribly attractive, charismatic, and arrogant. He made us internationally beloved – well, by our standards. People actually knew who we were, which was nice for a change. He revelled in all that was trendy, seemingly enjoying the company of dictators over democrats. And he placed our economy on a handcart headed straight for hell.

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