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The highway to jobs – via better infrastructure

As Obama and Congress talk jobs, here's an appeal from the US Chamber of Commerce: Invest heavily in roads, air transport, and other infrastructure. The economy and jobs depend on it. Adopt innovative financing, including an infrastructure bank to leverage private investment.

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Throughout America’s history, feats in infrastructure, like the Interstate Highway System, have not only been symbols of national achievement but also conduits for commerce and keys to prosperity.

Today, however, much of this foundation of the US economy is costly, cracked, and crumbling. Roads, rail, airports, and harbors need continual investment to keep pace with demand.

Recent research by the US Chamber of Commerce discovered that underperforming transport infrastructure cost the US economy nearly
$2 trillion in lost gross domestic product in 2008 and 2009. The chamber’s Transportation Performance Index showed that America’s transit system is not keeping up with growing demands and is failing to meet the needs of the business community and consumers.

Most important, the research proved for the first time that there is a direct relationship between transportation infrastructure performance and GDP.

The index findings also showed that if America invests wisely in infrastructure, it can become more reliable, predictable, and safe. By improving underperforming transport infrastructure, the United States could unlock nearly $1 trillion in economic potential.

Making investments that tackle immediate challenges, like congestion, and that account for growing demand into the future, America would boost productivity and economic growth in the long run and support millions of jobs in the near term.

Investment in infrastructure would also improve quality of life by reducing highway fatalities and accidents and easing traffic congestion that costs the public $115 billion a year in lost time and wasted fuel – $808 out of the pocket of every motorist. Such an investment would also allow the country to better protect the environment while increasing mobility.


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