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Why I rent, despite low mortgage rates

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Fortunately for Americans, as I’ve mentioned before, most of the world’s developed countries will face labor shortages in the coming years that will force them to hire outsiders. This is good news for Americans who may not be able to find work at home. Maintain global skills and a valid passport, and you’ll be able to find work. Somewhere.

It is true that the digital age permits global call centers in Kolkata, India, and allows radiologists in Singapore to read MRI scans of Alaskans, but the global economy still requires flexibility and mobility. At the very least, you won’t be tied to an unloadable duplex in Las Vegas or Youngstown, PA., when rewarding work awaits you in Lubbock, Texas, if you can easily move around. The only thing worse than being broke is being broke and immobile. A mobile person, by definition, can’t be in a rut, right?

One of the worst places in the developed world for young people right now is Spain, and young Spaniards are fleeing their homeland in hordes. Youth unemployment in Spain is nearly 45 percent, reports GlobalPost, and scores of educated young Spaniards are leaving. No one is projecting that the US economy will get this bad, but Americans should still have an exit plan.

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