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Those defending US Constitution from sharia must have failed high school civics

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If the former Speaker of the House wants the job of enforcing the Constitution, he should read Article VI, Clause 2 (also called the Supremacy Clause). It establishes the US Constitution as “the supreme law of the land,” making it impossible for any foreign law to supersede American law. Passing a Constitutional amendment banning sharia in the US would be akin to banning Americans from riding unicorns.

On this point let there be no confusion: It is utterly impossible for sharia to “take over” America. Anyone who says otherwise has failed high school civics.

Still, many Americans continue to fear sharia because of the brutal penal codes they see enforced in countries like Iran, Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia. The draconian laws enacted by these countries – such as stoning for adultery or punishments against blasphemy and apostasy – are nowhere in the Quran and have no place in the modern world. All Muslims who support justice and human rights should fight their implementation.

But what happens in Iran, Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia is not an indication of how Muslims in the United States practice their religion. American Muslims are just as unwilling as non-Muslims to accept sharia as a form of penal or civil code in the US legal system, according to a new study by University of Windsor law professor Judy Macfarlane for the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding.

That said, it is important to understand that sharia is not just a set of punishments. Sharia is a comprehensive code of conduct that guides Muslim beliefs and practices.

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