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Living in a swing state like Ohio is good for your self-esteem

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We live in the democratic stronghold of Ohio – Cuyahoga County – in Cleveland Heights, the unofficial progressive seat of the county. So our doorbell only gets rung by Obama get-out-the-vote volunteers.

But Mitt still visits us every few minutes via our television – he and his friend, Karl Rove. Their GPS system may be off because my wife and I should not be their destination.

When I say we see every commercial, let me give you an idea of how many that is. In an episode of “Dancing With the Stars” last week, there were 46 political ads. A reporter from The New York Daily News counted them up. 

A journalism professor from nearby Kent State University joked that “You’re going to have babies who the first words out of their mouth (will be), ‘I approve this message.’ ”

I’ve learned that you can always spot a Romney ad because the first 20 seconds feature Mr. Obama. And vice versa.

The other day, I heard a commentator from New York on NPR lamenting that he lived in a state that wasn’t swinging. He seemed genuinely disappointed, and I felt for him. Poor guy. He has to live in a political cow town like New York City. Ohio may not be known for swingers, but if a sequel to the 1996 movie “Swingers” was being made this season, it might be set in Toledo, not LA. Living in a swinging state like Ohio is a great boost for your self-confidence.

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