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Letter to China's new leader, Xi Jinping (+ video)

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In a 2012 European Union Chamber of Commerce in China survey, four out of five companies said China’s laws protecting intellectual property were inadequate. Two of three said they lost business in China because of market access or regulatory barriers.

The fact is, China is burning through global goodwill. People in Spain, Germany, the US, and elsewhere won’t forget how your policies and companies have bankrupted Western wind- and solar-energy companies.

If you push the citizens of the West farther, you will turn their simmering reservoir of goodwill into boiling hostility. They will not allow China to impoverish them in the next 10 years as they blindly did in the last 10. They can’t lose that many more jobs – more than 2 million in the last decade in the US due to the trade deficit with China and likely as many in Europe. Families can’t lose that much more income – down 6.7 percent in 10 years in the US, with China contributing to that loss.

Westerners will cry out – many already are – for action. And I think the patient efforts of their politicians to stop China’s present course of transferring the wealth of the West to the East will ultimately have to end.

Western politicians will reconcile themselves to the fact that China won’t change its state-controlled trade practices and its unfairly created competitive advantages for its companies.

These leaders will continue to profess “friendship” but tacitly act like enemies – counter your cyber-espionage, bar state-controlled Chinese companies from Western markets, intervene with government action to stop China’s companies’ destruction of their energy, aerospace, software, telecom, and other strategic industries.

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