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Readers Write: Tebow should kneel off the field; prophets of hope, not doom

Letters to the Editor for the weekly issue of January 2, 2011: One reader says Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow's displays of faith don't belong in the end zone. Another praises a recent cover story assessing world progress: Why must one be a prophet of doom to be recognized as a prophet?

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Tebow should kneel off field

According to my reading of The Monitor's View of Dec. 12 (" 'Tebowed' over"), unsolicited, uninvited public comments about one's faith are not only appropriate but desirable: "openly ... speaking about his Christian faith ... unprecedented devotion to sharing his beliefs in public...."

I find it incongruous when a winning boxer, after beating his opponent to a bloody pulp, performs a Roman Catholic sign of the cross, thanking Jesus for his victory. Would it be appropriate for a minister to interrupt his sermon to perform a "boxing exhibition" on the altar?

When I watch (televised) sporting events, I'm often surprised by the high degree of religiosity tolerated in a public venue. I don't expect to be preached to by my dentist while getting a cavity filled.

In this same line of thought, I would also prefer not to hear the racist ramblings of a Ku Klux Klansman during my kids' softball games. And I don't purchase tickets for a football game to unknowingly go to a prayer session. I simply want to view an athletic event.

Additionally, I don't normally elevate athletes to the status of hero. They are engaged in athletic competition and, through their individual performances, entertain and wow their audience. I usually reserve hero status for a selfless man or woman whose contributions and impact on society carry significant meaning or weight.


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