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Readers Write: Strengthen families to curb gun violence; less government, better economy

Letters to the Editor for the February 25, 2013 weekly print issue: Until America strengthens its families society will continue to struggle with selfishness and violence; Government is not a multiplier. It is a subtracter. A government can print money, but it cannot produce wealth.

Strengthen families to curb violence

Regarding The Monitor's View of Jan. 28, "Obama gun plan: one blank": I was heartened to see an editorial that was insightful and unafraid to express what I think is the most important action suggested to address gun violence – in-depth research on its causes and prevention.

To place too much emphasis on the relationship between violence and the media is a simplistic answer to a very complex problem – a problem that is ultimately brought about by the deterioration of the basic unit of society, the family. The family unit has been manipulated and distorted over the past 50 years to the extent that it is barely recognizable, and the results are obvious.

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Research shows that it is through a loving and supportive family life that parents and children learn discipline, responsibility, compassion, and a sense of fulfillment, and thus become a positive influence on one another and society as a whole. But for too many, marriage has become "irrelevant" and children "a complication."

Until America strengthens its families through respect for traditional marriage and freedom of religion, and takes personal responsibility for not only ourselves but others, our society will continue to struggle with selfishness and ultimately fail as a culture that has much to offer its own citizens and the citizens of the world.

Less government for a better economy

The Jan. 28 Focus article "So where are we now?" asks why the US economy is lagging. A few of us may answer: The economy lags when government takes money from the pockets of those who work for a living – money that consumers cannot spend as they see fit. Government is not a multiplier; it is a subtracter. A government can print money, but it cannot produce wealth.

This government has, to an unnecessary degree, inserted itself between the consumer and the producer, leading to a middleman that makes costly decisions that should be made by consumers.

Less government is the answer.

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