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Question time: Monitor editors respond

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You've got questions. We have answers -- mostly. And what we don't know, we'll try to find out.

Today's Monitor
Q: I’d love a single button to push to print out “today’s Monitor.” Browsing on the Web I don’t read things that I think I don’t want to read until I start reading them. To say nothing of I want to read while I eat lunch and I can’t eat lunch at the computer (the mustard on the keyboard just doesn’t cut it). Giving up the daily print is hard!

A: We are launching an easy-to-print news digest later this month. The Christian Science Monitor Daily News Briefing will give you abridged (but still substantial) versions of the top news stories, a selection of important news briefs, a daily editorial, a column from the editors, and the daily inspirational article. It will cost $5.75 a month. By mid-April, we should have a subscription form ready to go (watch this space). We plan to launch by the end of the month.

Which is the fresh content?
Q: I’ll miss the paper dearly but am 100 percent behind the reasons and decision, in full support. I’ve often visited the site, but today is my first time to try to “read the whole paper” online. My question: What’s the best way to see “24-hours fresh” content only? The home page is a mix of today’s content with older content, with presumably newest content first, but no clear delineation. Furthermore, I clicked on the “USA” section link, and there the dates of articles are shown, but the Blagojevich article dated today was at the bottom of the page after some older content. Will articles be listed in chronological order? Perhaps that Blagojevich article was just a glitch.


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