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Scientists prove that Mom was right

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Science marches on. Every day, a torrent of research pours out of universities, science labs, and corporate R&D departments worldwide. Scientists hypothesize, experiment, log the results, conclude, and publish. Some science news is wowza – new dinosaurs, comets, lasers, nanotech breakthroughs. Some is prosaic – garden moles, chemical reactions, fluid dynamics.

And a surprising amount of it is common sense. When you go to the heart of it, it often just confirms what Mom always said.

Here, for instance, are three Mom-could-have-told-you items extracted from a day’s worth of reports published on the website:

Item 1: “People are unconsciously fairer and more generous when they are in clean-smelling environments, according to a soon-to-be published study led by a Brigham Young University professor. The research found a dramatic improvement in ethical behavior with just a few spritzes of citrus-scented Windex.”


Item 2: “Exercise can help smokers quit because it makes cigarettes less attractive. A new study from the University of Exeter shows for the first time that exercise can lessen the power of cigarettes and smoking-related images to grab the attention of smokers.”


Item 3: “A new study from Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business finds that Americans who believe in equality are more-impulsive shoppers.”

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