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Talk to the editor: Who's in charge of Russia?

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Join us Thursday at 1 pm EST for a conversation with the Monitor’s Moscow correspondent, Fred Weir. We'll ask what exactly is the relationship between Vladimir Putin and Dimitri Medvedev? They've cast themselves as the two amigos, and Putin has long been thought to be the guy calling the shots. But lately there's talk that Medvedev is establishing his own authority. Can Russia, which has a long history of powerful autocrats in the Kremlin, really have two leaders at the helm? Can any nation?

We'll also discuss relations between Russia and the West, especially the US.  Eighteen years after the collapse of communism , Russia seems to be trying to reassert itself. It has troops in Georgia, has induced the US to alter its missile shield plan for Eastern Europe, and has asserted its interests in its "near abroad" -- from Ukraine to Central Asia.


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