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Gore launches climate change ad campaign

Too few people are changing their lifestyles, environmentalists say, and too few politicians are acting.

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Two words, more than any others, are apt to set climate-change skeptics' teeth a-grinding: "Al Gore."

The former vice president has been the front man on global warming – winning both an Academy Award and the Nobel Peace Prize last year in the process. The former vice president also refuses to publicly debate the issue with leading skeptics face to face.

Last week, Mr. Gore launched a three-year, $300 million ad campaign to raise public awareness about climate change. As Reuters reported:

But generating that loud and clear vox populi requires a new approach, environmentalists say. As reported in USA Today:

And as public anxiety grows about other domestic issues – the economy, the housing market, the cost of healthcare – this concern among activists (including Gore) that the issue is not getting the attention it deserves may be well founded.

Compared with Medicare, Social Sec­ur­­ity, and energy as sources of public apprehension, "Worry about global warming has declined somewhat in the minds of Americans over the past two years," according to a new study by the John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress at New York University.


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