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Virginia quake sets social networks abuzz with mockery

Virginia quake: Minimal damage and, for many, imperceptible shaking were the sources of many a Facebook and Twitter joke.


In response to the Virginia earthquake, people have been posting silly pictures of 'earthquake damage' on Facebook and Twitter.

Robert Decelis/OJO Images/Newscom/File

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“Did you feel it?”

That was the question asked on Facebook and Twitter feeds up and down the east coast on Aug. 23 after a magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit Virginia. For many who did feel it, especially far from the epicenter in places like Boston, the world only went wobbly for a brief period, and then everything was back to normal.

Even before damages and injuries had been assessed (there were few), mocking photos of the “devastation” caused by the temblor were making the rounds on newsfeeds all over Facebook. One in particular featured a set of outdoor plastic furniture with one chair knocked over. The image has since been embellished with an eagle's head ghosted over a US flag and the words, “Never Forget.”


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