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Where's the environment section on Google News?

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To be sure, people are legitimately interested in consumer tech news, just they are in sports and entertainment news. But at least sports and entertainment get their own sections, which allows them to keep out of everyone else's way.

And in any case, environmental news has always been more than just science. It's a topic that also encompasses politics, business culture, health – just about everything. The subject's catholicity makes it nearly impossible to bring up a Google News page of current environment stories, as you can do with Yahoo! News.

As Erick Schonfeld of - ahem - TechCrunch pointed out last month, Google doesn't really control the news. Mr. Schonfeld notes that Google News's monthly traffic – 16.2 million unique visitors in February – is just over a third of that of Yahoo! News and of all the sites owned by the New York Times. MSNBC, CNN and AOL News have more visitors as well.

But 16.2 million uniques is still a huge number. It's bigger than what each of the websites for Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC get, and it's way bigger than what any single newspaper draws in. Even if it's not the biggest site in town, Google News wields way more influence than most over what people are reading about.

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