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How to have a green Halloween


(Read caption) You probably don't have any king vultures in your backyard, but the birds that do come will enjoy eating your leftover Halloween pumpkin – and that will keep it out of a landfill.

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If you'd like Halloween's dominant color to be green instead of orange, here are some tips for how you and your family can celebrate the holiday with the environment in mind:

Reuse materials from thrift stores or yard sale to make costumes, instead of buying them, suggests Larry West, who covers environmental issues at

Blythe Copeland at Planet Green shares creative costume hints with "Top Homemade Halloween Costumes for the DIY-Impaired." How about turning a black pillowcase into Pac Mac with just a red marker?

Elizabeth Seward also presents some excellent budget-friendly costume ideas in "Make Your Own Cheaper, Better Halloween Costume."

Or, host a costume exchange with other families and recycle previous years' garb, recommends Green Halloween.

Save the seeds when you carve the jack- o'-lantern and roast them for a treat, says Mr. West. Then add the pumpkin to the compost pile to break down and improve the garden soil in which to grow next year's jack-o'-lanterns.

Protecting our Environment notes that if you don't have a compost pile – or don't like pumpkin seeds – you can put the jack-o'-lantern outside for the squirrels and birds and add the seeds to the bird feeder (after you've cleaned and dried them).


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