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Audi's 'Green Police' Super Bowl ad controversial

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Audi's eco-friendly alternate universe looks rather Orwellian, with checkpoints, raids (one man is pulled out of a hot tub; at 105 degrees, the temperature was too high), and constant intrusion into people's private lives — a kind of libertarian nightmare.

The sole character who gets off easy in this world is the guy with the "greenest car" (manufactured by you-know-who).

But — and here viewer confusion seems unavoidable — who wants to be a winner in this universe? As Groucho Marx once said, "I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member." In other words, thanks, but no thanks. That's one in-crowd we'd rather not be in with.

 And that's why many, although not all, who lean greenward seem to dislike the commercial.

Of the ad, The New York Times says, "This misguided spot put the 'mental' in 'environmental."

One commenter at Discover says, "Green, yet it mocks the environmental movement. I don’t get it."

Another, this one at the NFL site, takes it literally — and is afraid: "This is by far the scariest commercial I’ve ever seen! This is not just a commercial. Its every liberal’s and Hippie’s ... dream."

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