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Business begins to see profit in going green

Investments in clean technology rises as companies find going green can be good for the bottom line.

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Around the country and around the world, more companies and investment funds are walking their talk on tackling global climate change.

Businesses are conducting annual surveys of carbon dioxide footprints, filing C02 inventories, purchasing greenhouse-gas credits, and tying executive bonus pay to environmental targets. Financial Week reports:

"Florida's chief financial officer recently issued a directive requiring investment managers of state money to report on the potential effects of climate risk as part of their semiannual reviews. Likewise, officials at Calpers and Calsters, the influential California state employee and teacher pension funds, have teamed with other large funds to devise a global strategy tied to climate change. Eventually, the two California funds, which collectively manage $420 billion in assets, may end up rejiggering their portfolio mixes, pulling capital out of businesses which remain silent on the topic."

It's not just environmental do-gooderism in a power tie. Increasingly, businesses are finding that going green can be profitable.


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