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Vicky Pelaez: Can someone be married to a Russian spy and not know it?

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"I guess I feel sorry for the younger kid, unless he was in on it," remarked a neighbor, Jim Carey. "We don't really know if he knew anything."

As for the parents: "They have to live with what they did," he said.

Before noon, the two sons escaped, grim-faced, to a nearby park. When they returned, Mariscal spoke to the media, insisting he didn't believe his parents were spies, and defending their character.

"I don't know about Juan's relationship to Russia. He probably bought some seasoning from a Russian store," Mariscal said. As for his mother: "The only Russian thing that she likes is vodka with passion fruit." He said he didn't know where he and his brother would end up living, though he said the teenager wanted to stay in the United States.

He acknowledged the family would lose their home, since it was paid for by the Russians, but added: "My parents paid this house with their sacrifices since 1995."

A lawyer for the father noted that the sons had no income. "It's very upsetting. They don't know what to do next," said Genesis Peduto.

As for their parents, they had only 24 hours to decide whether to accept the "all-or-nothing" deal to go to Moscow or face years behind bars, said Pelaez's lawyer, John Rodriguez.

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