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Purported iPhone 5S leak? X marks the spot.

Purported iPhone 5S leak has Apple fans critiquing 'new' case. A tech site has published photos of a device it claims is the iPhone 5S, which happens to look a lot like the iPhone 5. 


A customer speaks with an Apple employee at the Apple Store in San Francisco in late November. Apple fans are already salivating about the possibility of a new iPhone, which could be called the iPhone 5S.


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iPhone launches are like elections: Soon as one is over, everyone starts salivating about the next. 

So we shouldn't be so surprised about a purported iPhone 5S leak. The collection of images was published today on a forum at iphone5parts.net (and subsequently disseminated by a French tech site). The photos in question show, in up-close detail, the rear housing of an Apple device, which the forum administrator at iphone5parts.net claims is a new iPhone, purportedly called the iPhone 5S. (Standard caveats apply extra here: We're at a stage of the game where almost everything is guesswork.)


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