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Need a smart phone case? Nokia lets you 3-D print your own.

Nokia released templates for Lumia 820 cases, letting owners customize and create their own with 3-D printers.


Nokia released the templates for its Lumia 820 case so that customers can create their own using 3-D printers.


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Nokia users may soon be able to create their own cellphone cases with help from a 3-D printer.

The company released mechanical drawings of the Lumia 820’s back shell as part of a 3-D printing Development Kit (3DK). John Kneeland, a community manager for Nokia, says in the Nokia Conversations blog that Lumia 820 owners may use the drawings as templates to start creating their own phone shells with 3-D printers.

“Internally it helps us with rapid prototyping as we, to borrow [Nokia CEO] Stephen Elop’s words, ‘increase the clock speed of Nokia,’” Mr. Kneeland says in the blog post. “In the future, I envision wildly more modular and customizable phones.... You want a waterproof, glow-in-the-dark phone with a bottle-opener and a solar charger? Someone can build it for you — or you can print it yourself."


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