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Apple joins Facebook in ranks of the recently hacked

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Apple added that the malware was isolated and contained, and that there was "no evidence that any data left Apple." The Cupertino company is expected to release a tool that will help users protect their machines against similar malware. 

As Reuters notes, historically hackers have focused their energy on PCs, but as Apple has grown in size and market clout, so too has its attractiveness to black hats

Horizons readers will remember that back in September, hacker group AntiSec published more than one million Apple Unique Device Identifiers, or UDIDs. AntiSec said it had stolen the UDIDs from an FBI agent's computer, but the leak was eventually traced to a small Florida company called BlueToad, which had been infiltrated by hackers. 

"Once we realized we were responsible, it was the right thing to do to come forward," the CEO of BlueToad said at the time. "We felt it was important for people to understand that there might be a more legitimate source for that information getting out."

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