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Android chief Andy Rubin will step down

Rubin, a co-founder of Android, will be replaced by Chrome chief Sundar Pichai. 


Sundar Pichai, formerly the senior vice president of Google Chrome, speaks during Google I/O Conference in San Francisco, Calif., in this 2012 file photo. Google has appointed Mr. Pichai as the chief of its Android division, replacing Andy Rubin as the overseer of a platform that in just a few years has become the world's most-used mobile software.


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Android co-founder Andy Rubin has decided to "hand over the reins" of the mobile OS to Chrome chief Sundar Pichai, Google announced today. 

Mr. Pichai is currently tasked with Chrome and a range of Chrome OS products at Google; his next job will be to oversee the most-used mobile operating system in the world. Mr. Rubin, meanwhile, will "start a new chapter at Google," Google CEO Larry Page wrote on the company blog. Exactly what Rubin will do next is unclear, although there's some speculation that he could go to the top-secret Google X Lab


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