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Dropped your iPhone? With new Apple tech, it's no problem.

Apple has patented drop protection technology for its handheld devices, including the Apple iPhone. 


A man talks on his iPhone as he takes the escalator out of a subway station in downtown Shanghai, March 13, 2013. Apple has established a patent on technology that senses when an iPhone has been dropped, and adjusts the angle of the phone accordingly.


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Dropped iPhones: No one likes 'em. 

No ones likes the cracked screens, or the broken glass, or the battered edges. No one likes marching to the Apple store and forking over $200 for a replacement unit. But take solace, iPhone users! Apple may have a solution in the works. According to Apple Insider, Apple recently patented something called a "Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device," which senses the angle of the falling iPhone to the floor, and adjusts course accordingly. 

In other words, let's say you were snacking on a sandwich, and you knocked your iPhone off the table with your elbow. The sensors would kick in – keep in mind the iPhone has long been equipped with a gyroscope and an accelerometer‎ – and make sure the iPhone landed on an edge, as opposed to the display. Pretty handy for users who are all thumbs when it comes to their smartphones. 

The patent defines the technology, in part, like this (dense, technical language warning): 


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