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Bioshock Infinite review roundup

Bioshock Infinite hits shelves in the US this week. Here's what critics are saying about the new alternate-history epic from Irrational Games. 


Among the baddies in Bioshock Infinite is this gun-slinging robot, which has the face of George Washington.

Irrational Games

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The 2008 shooter Bioshock is one of the most beloved releases in video game history, and for good reason – the title mixed top-notch game play with killer storytelling and a wonderfully weird premise. Bioshock 2, which was released in 2010, was also received warmly by critics and consumers. Now comes Bioshock Infinite, the third title in the series, and probably the last Bioshock to be released on this generation of consoles. 

The hero of Bioshock Infinite is the former Pinkerton man Booker DeWitt, who is dispatched to Columbia, a steam-punk city-in-the-clouds, to hunt down a gal named Elizabeth. Eventually, Booker and Elizabeth team up and dash and leap through Columbia, battling some wonderfully weird baddies, like the fighting machine pictured above. So how good is Bioshock Infinite? Very good, according to reviews.

We'll let the pros break it down for you.  

The world 

"To put it in practical terms, unless you are in the midst of battle, Columbia is a place where you walk, you don’t run," writes Tom Hoggins of the Telegraph. "You are compelled to take it all in, to soak in the vistas of a city floating in the clouds, to inspect every nook. This is early 20th century Americana writ large, unbound from the rules of the union, defined by religion and enhanced by heady science-fiction." 

The world, part 2

"Columbia is a tremendous place to be, the all-American dream-turned-nightmare crossed with steampunk sensibilities," writes Kevin VanOrd of Gamespot. "Nationalist propaganda is mixed with airships and mechanical combatants, and the moving picture machines you occasionally use elaborate on the history of Columbia, which seceded from an America that just wasn't American enough." 


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