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Windows Blue: Screenshots, whispers, and the promise of a fresher OS

Don't confuse Windows Blue with Windows 9. Still, the OS upgrade may pack some worthwhile goodies, including Internet Explorer 11. 


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer shows a Surface tablet before the launch of Windows 8 operating system in New York. Windows Blue, an updated version of Windows 8, could hit computers later this year.


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Although Microsoft has declined to talk about it, Windows Blue – an upgrade to Windows 8 – almost certainly exists, and will most likely be hitting computers and mobile devices sometime this year. The latest Windows Blue leaks arrived over the weekend, with a series of screenshots and videos of Windows Blue, including an in-depth, hands-on WinBeta clip

It's worth noting that Windows Blue isn't Windows 9. Nor is it an overhauled version of Windows 8. Instead, it's a rejiggering, a tweaking, a refining of the original Windows 8 OS. Among the updates: More color options and the ability to better organize, resize, and customize tiles. Multitasking will be easier with Windows Blue, says WinBeta, as will managing gads of desktop traffic. 


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