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Flipboard launches personalized, shareable magazine feature

Want to run a magazine? Too broke to afford an actual magazine? Flipboard might have just the thing for you. 


Flipboard will allow users – and advertisers – to make their own personalized magazines.


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Flipboard, a news aggregation app released back in 2010, is deservedly popular. The software allows users to sift through, sort, and collate articles and photos from a wide variety of sites. It acts as a supplement to more traditional news sources such as newspapers and online magazines. 

So here's to a bit of good news for all the Flipboard fanatics out there: Beginning this week, Flipboard will allow users to create and share their own personal "magazines," which can then be shared with other users. In other words, with a few swipes of the finger, or a few taps on the mouse, you can become your very own David Remnick. Or Anna Wintour. Or Jill Abramson


"Just tap the + button next to articles, pick a name for your magazine, add a description and start flipping," reps for Flipboard wrote on the company blog. "You can create as many magazines as you want – My Picks, The SF Giants, Wedding Inspiration, Things to Read Later – and draw from virtually any source on Flipboard, including what’s being shared on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, LinkedIn and Tumblr."


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