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Google and others agree to White House anti-piracy guidelines

AOL, Google, and Yahoo are among the companies that have signed on to a set of best practices guidelines intended to combat piracy. 


A woman walks past the Google offices near the city centre in Dublin, July 8, 2013.


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A group of companies that includes AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google has signed on a set of anti-piracy guidelines established in cooperation with the White House.

Under the guidelines, the companies agree to respond promptly to complaints from copyright holders and remove any advertising content that has been proven to either violate a copyright or involve pirated/counterfeit goods. 


"This is an important step toward maintaining a healthy Internet and promoting innovation and protecting intellectual property," reads an excerpt from the guidelines. "These efforts should be undertaken in a manner that is consistent with all applicable laws and the balance of copyright interests, including fair use, and that respects privacy, free speech, and fair process." 


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