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Waiting for the new Apple iPhone? Mark your calendar for Sept. 10.

The new Apple iPhone, which reports say will be called the iPhone 5S, is expected to be introduced on Sept. 10 and put on sale a few weeks after that. 


An iPhone 5 on display at an Apple Store in Pasadena, California. A new iPhone is expected next month.


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Autumn: A season of falling leaves, pumpkin-flavored coffee beverages, and new Apple iPhones

According to a new report from Ina Fried of All Things D, the next generation of Apple's bestselling smart phone will almost certainly be unveiled at a big press event on Sept. 10, in California. Apple, of course, isn't confirming the gossip, or even answering questions about it, but the timing lines up: The last iPhone – the iPhone 5 – was unveiled almost exactly a year ago, on Sept. 13, 2012. 

So what will this new iPhone look like?


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