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Will Apple's iPhone 5C sport a scratch-resistant LiquidMetal shell?

Apple is reportedly prepping a scratch-resistant (and budget-friendly) iPhone 5C smart phone. 


A still from a video purporting to show the Apple iPhone 5C.

Apple Daily

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Early next month, Apple will likely take the wraps off a pair of new smart phones. 

One will be the next Apple flagship phone, possibly called the iPhone 5S (recall that the sequel to the iPhone 4 was the iPhone 4S). The other could be a budget device, targeted at audiences who have thus far held off on buying an iPhone. The current consensus puts the name of this device as the iPhone 5C – C in this case being short for "color" (after its colorful cases) or maybe just "cheaper." 


And according to a new report from the Taiwanese site Apple Daily (you'll need to run the link through a translator, unless you read Chinese), the iPhone 5C will be equipped with a super scratch-resistant shell. In a video posted to Apple Daily, a man puts what appears to be an iPhone 5C in a bag with a bunch of sharp or abrasive objects – keys, coins, screwsand shakes vigorously. 


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