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Nintendo 2DS: A budget-priced 3DS, without the 3-D

The Nintendo 2DS will debut on Oct. 12. Asking price? $129.99. 


Say hello to the Nintendo 2DS.


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On Oct. 12, Nintendo will launch a new handheld called the 2DS

In a press release yesterday, Nintendo said the "entry-level" 2DS will sell for $129.99 – a price point clearly designed to attract consumers turned off by the pricier Nintendo 3DS device, which launched in 2011. So what is the 2DS, exactly? 

Well, it's basically a 3DS without the 3-D slider. The device (pictured above) will play every 3DS game, but the visuals will display only in two dimensions. 


"The system also has backward compatibility with the existing library of more than 2,000 Nintendo DS games, as well as access to wireless connectivity features like multiplayer online game play," reps for Nintendo wrote in the press release. 

Over at CNET, Scott Stein applauds the relatively robust list of features – the sleep switch, the Wi-Fi, the two cameras. 


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