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Update: A city locked out of its own data network

Kimberly White/Reuters/file

(Read caption) San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom

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Another plot twist develops in San Francisco’s bizarre, modern struggle between city officials and a disgruntled computer engineer thrown in jail for withholding computer access codes. A story already reminiscent of "Office Space" and "Die Hard 4" now involves a secret meeting between the accused programmer and the charismatic mayor in the Hall of Justice jailhouse.

Today the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the imprisoned Terry Childs surrendered the password to Mayor Gavin Newsom, allowing San Francisco to regain control of the computer network that manages 60 percent of the city’s information.

The visit was so secret that the mayor did not tell District Attorney Kamala Harris' office or police about it. Newsom decided on his own to accept Crane's invitation, mayoral spokesman Nathan Ballard said…. Newsom "figured it was worth a shot, because although Childs is not a Boy Scout, he's not Al Capone either," Ballard said.

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