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Horizon highlights – The stories behind OLPC, NASA shields, and where cellphones RIP

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Our regular roundup of sci-tech stories from across the web includes: Can One Laptop per Child (OLPC) survive? What does cellphone heaven look like? And who's watching over American innovation? Let’s kick it off:

Space invadersComputer viruses make it to orbit
"A computer virus is alive and well on the International Space Station (ISS). NASA has confirmed that laptops carried to the ISS in July were infected with a virus known as Gammima.AG." [via BBC]

Space defenders – Video: The Next Step in Heat Shields for Space
"NASA's come up with two materials to protect returning astronauts. And one of them's been around for 40 years." [via LiveScience]
From the Monitor’s archiveWill US-Russia tensions extend to space?: “International cooperation in human spaceflight may be facing its toughest test since the cold war. The immediate concern: Will US astronauts be able to ride Russian rockets between 2010, when the last shuttle is retired, and 2015, when the National Aeronautics and Space Administration expects to launch a replacement?”


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