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Review roundup: T-Mobile G1

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'Tis the season for attractive smartphones. The Instinct and iPhone are racking up sales. The Blackberry Storm rumbles toward us. And, one week before the T-Mobile G1 goes on sale, the reviews have finally rolled out. This first "Google phone" boasts the new Android operating system, a web browser, QWERTY keyboard, touch screen, online store, GPS – oh yeah, and it makes calls, too.

So, is this new all-in-one phone worth the hype? Here are the pros and cons:

The inevitable comparison

"I have been testing the G1 extensively, in multiple cities and in multiple scenarios. In general, I like it and consider it a worthy competitor to the iPhone. Both devices run on fast 3G phone networks and include Wi-Fi. Both have smart-touch interfaces and robust Web browsers. Both have the ability to easily download third-party apps, or programs. But the two devices have different strengths and weaknesses, and are likely to attract different types of users. If you've been lusting after the iPhone's functionality, but didn't like its virtual keyboard or its user interface or its U.S. carrier, AT&T, the G1 may be just the ticket for you." [via The Wall Street Journal]

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