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How big is that gadget? Pective can tell you.

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Scale is a tricky thing to capture in pictures. Cereal boxes "enlarge to show texture." National Geographic crams sweeping vistas onto average magazine pages. And, gadget ads in particular can have a rear-view-mirror quality to them, tricking us into thinking that new gear is bigger (or smaller) than it appears.

For example, Gizmodo gave Apple a hard time last year when the company released a new iPhone ad. The promotional shot made the smartphone look much smaller than before – turned out that they simply hired a model with larger hands. tries to dispel any doubt about the true size of things. The website displays pictures of products and then scales them to their actual dimensions. Start out by telling Pective the size of your screen, then click through oodles of hand-helds, foreign coins, rulers (inches or centimeters), and even weird items such as 2008 Olympic medals and a golf hole.


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