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Top tech bloggers ding (and ditch) AT&T over iPhone woes

Jake Turcotte/The Christian Science Monitor

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As the exclusive carrier for the iPhone, Apple's hit, market-defining smart phone, AT&T used to hold the position of envy for mobile carriers. Not anymore.

Over the weekend TechCrunch's MG Siegler unleashed a scathing rebuke of the company and a plea for an end of the carrier's exclusivity contract, citing a laundry list of shortcomings. Among them:

Visual voicemail– voicemails not delivered on time, disrupting schedules, and without explanation.
Activation woes – new iPhone owners met by sometimes days-long waiting periods when AT&T's activation servers went down on launch day for the 3G and 3GS.
Network unreliability – dropped calls are common, and system overloads at the South By Soutwest Interactive Festival and other high-profile tech gatherings.
Missing features – Apple announced tethering and MMS support in June, and despite being available on mobile carriers in other countries, AT&T has yet to enable the features in the US.

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