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At $99, Steve Jobs action figure is priced like an Apple product

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(Read caption) Steve Jobs speaks at an event in 2008. This week, a Chinese company announced it would make a $99 action figure of Mr. Jobs, the former CEO of Apple.

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A Chinese company called In Icons is poised to launch a new action figure of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs – complete with black turtleneck, blue jeans, "highly-articulated body" and two apples (get it?) – one whole apple and the other missing a bite. The figurine, which has been described alternately as "expressive and finely wrought" and "creepily realistic," is priced at $99, and set to ship in February. 

Of course, as Tim Hornyak of CNET points out, this isn't the first Steve Jobs action figure. Back in November of 2010, when Jobs was still alive, Chinese retailer MIC Gadget announced it was building a small plastic Jobs figurine. But Apple lawyers promptly swooped in, and ordered MIC to cease and desist. 


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