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iPhone 5 may ship with micro dock: report

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(Read caption) An Apple store in Shanghai. The new iPhone could ship as soon as October, sources say.

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Apple will introduce a 19-pin dock connector on its next iPhone – a major downsizing from the 30-pin dock connector on the current model, in order "to make room for the earphone moving to the bottom," Reuters reports. Standard caveats apply: Apple hasn't even confirmed the existence of a new iPhone, which is widely expected to hit shelves in October. 

And Reuters sources its report only to a pair of unnamed sources "familiar with the matter." But let's assume Reuters has its story straight (it usually does). Is a rejiggered dock connector really that big of a deal? Well, yes, if you're concerned with things like cross-device compatibility, it sure is. As Eric Zeman writes over at Information Week, it's "understandable" that Apple would want a smaller dock connector – it will "save precious space inside the next iPhone."

Still, Zeman adds, "it's puzzling why it would move to another proprietary design instead of using the industry standard microUSB. MicroUSB has become the accepted port for every other cell phone maker on the planet. It would be far better for consumers if Apple went with a standard port rather than its own." 


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