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Binge-watcher? Netflix-backed study shows you're in good company.

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(Read caption) Netflix says the results of a new survey prove users gravitate towards 'multi-episodic' viewing.

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We binge watch and we don't feel the least bit bad about it. 

That's the takeaway of a new survey, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Netflix. According to Harris, which surveyed 1,500 "regular" TV streamers – here defined as streaming a TV show once a week, at least – 61 percent of viewers copped to participating in a binge-watching escapade at least once a week, and a full 73 percent say that they have a "positive" feeling toward all that TV. 

Some other interesting data from the survey: Roughly a third of all binge-watchers do it solo, while the majority – 51 percent – prefer to binge with a pal. And 80 percent – ourselves included! – would much rather "stream a good TV show than read a friend's social media posts." Meanwhile, the majority of respondents defined binge-watching as taking in 2 to 6 episodes in a single setting. 

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