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Microsoft to release $99 Xbox 360 with Kinect?

The Verge reports that Microsoft has plans to launch a $99 Xbox 360, with Kinect and a two-year subscription, "as early as next week."


The rumored Xbox bundle will include a 4 gigabyte and Kinect sensor, as well as a $15 monthly subscription for two years.

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In a move that will surely stir up plenty of fanboy fervor, Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to announce a $99 Xbox 360 + Kinect package, which will be subsidized by a $15 monthly fee, reports The Verge.

Sources tell the site that the new Xbox 360 bundle could launch as soon as next week, and it will contain a 4 gigabyte and Kinect sensor (which retails for $150 on its own). The $15 monthly subscription will last for two years and will provide access to Xbox Live Gold, and potentially access to streaming content companies as well. Even better, the bundle will include a two-year warranty.

We’ve asked Microsoft for comment. No word yet. 

To purchase the same Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle now, you’d have to shell out $299, plus another $120 for a two-year Xbox Live Gold contract, for a total of $420. With the new bundle, you’d be paying $459 over two years — a difference that many consumers likely wouldn’t mind. The subscription bundle would open up the Xbox 360 to an entirely new market of users, including broke college students and families that could never justify the cost of an Xbox previously.


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