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Verizon’s Share Everything plans: Will a new plan cost you more?

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You then buy a block of data ranging in size from 1GB to 10GB and in price from $50 to $100. If you’re the type of person who primarily uses Wi-Fi at home and the office and only reads e-mail and surfs the Web while out without consuming multimedia, you may be able to get by on don’t plan to watch a lot of streaming movies or tether to a notebook, we recommend 1 to 2GB of data per user, but if you expect to do either of those things we’d go with 4GB of data per user.

Good for Talk and Text

If you make a lot of voice calls or do a lot of SMS messaging, the Share Everything plans are a good deal because they provide unlimited minutes and texts. For just $40 per smart phone, you can talk or SMS message to your heart’s content, something that, on the current rate structure, costs $89.99 per month for an individual ($69.99 + $20) or a whopping $179.98 for two lines on a family share plan.

When you add data, the Share Everything plan costs $100 ($40 + $60) to provide a user with unlimited voice and text plus 2GB of data while the traditional plan costs $119.99 for the same thing. For a family of two, the cost of two smartphones with 4GB split between them is $150 a month, much better than the $239.98 it would cost under the current rate plans. If those users can get by with just 2GB between them, that price is just $140 a month.

Verizon wisely realizes that most people don’t use talk and SMS as much as data so they’ve turned those minutes and messages into an expensive commodity and focused the plan’s price differences on data. If you’re still focused on voice calls, you could come out ahead.

Bad For Non-Talkers

If you don’t use more than 450 anytime minutes per month as an individual or 700 minutes as a family, you’re better off with one of Verizon’s current plans. The cost of the minimum 450-minute individual plan plus 2GB of data is just $69.99 ($39.99 + $30) as compared to $100 on the Share Everything plan ($40 + $60). Even if you can get by with just 1GB, a size so small we don’t recommend it, you’re still paying $90 a month for something that costs you $69.99 under the current rate plan. 

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