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Review: Siri versus Google Voice Search versus S Voice

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S Voice turned in the worst performance in this test. Not only was it unable to find movie times, but it repeatedly sent us to the Fandango page for the movie "Master Pancake: Spiderman."

Google Voice Search completed in: 3.9 seconds

Google's Voice Search didn't bring up any  movie times or locations for "The Amazing Spider-man," and instead performed a web search for the movie complete with links to a description of the film and links to buy tickets.

Winner: Siri. As the only voice assistant that provided the location of nearby theaters, Siri easily ran away with this round.

Question 2: "What will the temperature be this Saturday?"

Siri completed in: 2.9 seconds

If you've seen the latest iPhone 4S commercial featuring Zooey Deschanel, then you know Siri can provide you with the current weather report for your area, as well as the forecast for the coming week. We just wish it listed your current location, too. 

S Voice completed in: 4.5 seconds

While Siri gave us the forecast for Saturday and the preceding days, S Voice only offered the forecast for Saturday.

Google Voice Search completed in: 2.9 seconds

Like Siri, Google Voice Search gave us the forecast for Saturday, as well as the preceding days. However, Voice Search's presentation was much larger and more user friendly than Siri's small image and text. Google Voice Search also provided us with the location for the forecast, something that Siri did not.

Winner: Google Voice Search. With its beautiful, easy-to-read presentation, Google Voice Search proved to be the best meteorologist of the bunch.

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